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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Castiel Glorious

Random Fun SPN Thoughts & Star Trek

So I was thinking, and somebody should TOTALLY write a fic about 'Changing Channels' so that Castiel is somehow involved and they have to recreate an episode of 'Touched by an Angel' and other crazy tv shows. Oh man I can just imagine the awesome comments from Dean. Haha

Anyway, I've been watching ST TNG all day while making icons and I'm loving it. The inacuracies and stunted plot-points are kind of funny. I was watching a S3 episode and I couldn't stop snickering every time the towns people referred to Picard as 'The Picard,' because they thought he was their god.

I'm liking TNG, particularly Riker, he's a foxy beast and I kind of have an old-school crush on him. I've never really been able to look at older actors when they were young and think they were attractive, but I think it's because I don't think I've seen Jonathon Frakes before.

The show is good but I pretty much hate Wesley Crusher episodes, not that the story lines are bad, but Wil Wheaton's acting is AWFUL when he's in those full-house-self-discovery-the-moral-of-the-story scenes. It kind of makes me want to cringe.

Anyway, I'm off to make more icons and watch more. My current icon is one I made the other day. :)


Aw, Ems. Wesley Crusher was my boyfriend when I was ten. We go way back. LOL

Rike is pretty hot. He gets kinda paunchy in the later seasons, but total foxy beast all the same.
Haha! That's so cute. :D

Boo for Riker getting paunchy, but season 1 & 2 Riker is HOOOOT.

Which is your fav ST series?
Deep Space 9 all the way, baby. Totally the best of the Star Trek franchise. Have you watched it?

(I love it when Riker plays the trombone. That sounds so dirty. LOL)
LOL Trombone heheh

Nope, This is my first encounter with anything Star Trek related (except for the '09 movie)

I hadn't ever actually seen an episode of anything before starting in with TNG.
TNG is a good place to start. It introduces you to the world and the tech and all of that jazz that's the background of the other modern series (TOS and Enterprise are worlds all their own). I love TNG because it's the Trek of my childhood and there are some very very very fine episodes in that series. My problem with TNG is that most of the episodes are standalone one-offs. You really can watch the eps out of order and for the most part not be lost. There's also not a whole lot of character development. With the exception of Picard and Data (and arguably Worf), most of the characters end the series in pretty much the same place that they began it.

I like DS9 the best because the first episode begins a SERIES-LONG story arc that lasts for five seasons. All characters get character development, and a lot of time is given even to the peripheral characters. It's just a damn good show.
Yeah I kinda got that idea early on, but it's a good show to watch while working.

I can't wait to start some of the newer series, although I'm debating going back to watch TOS. Is it like TNG or are there character arcs and mythos?

I really want to learn about the vulcans and spock, but tng is seriously lacking there. ;P
Okay, here's the thing.

TOS is awesome. It's my second favorite of the Trek series. It is all about the dialogue--funny, snappy, zingy.

But here's the thing. The special effects are pretty much nonexistant. It's cheesy looking. If you can't get over that, you probably won't like it. If you can overlook the way everything looks, you'll probably enjoy it.

It explores some really cool ideas. There's not really a mytharc in the series itself. But the movies have a definite mytharc and I think you'd totally love the movies. I have a sneaking suspicion you won't like the first one all that much; it's trying to be 2001: A space Odyssey too much. But all the others are freaking amazing. Even if you don't watch the show, you should watch the movies.
Hmm, well it's good to have an idea about the show from someone who understands. When I was considering where to start within the Star Trek franchise I looked up a thread on google and someone suggested TNG and then if you could stomach the effects TOS and then beyond.

I think I've been getting along okay with TNG, but maybe TOS is something I should just attempt in movies. I'll definitely give an episode or two a shot, but I have a feeling I'll get tired of it pretty quickly.

It's like, I tried to watch the original Doctor Who, starting with the eps from the 50's, after watching the 2005 series and I just couldn't get into it. There was no real character development and I just had a hard time relating to the story lines.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see, but for now I'm digging TNG.
That makes sense. :)