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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - BitchyJennyNoir

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Okay, so I just really wanted to say Fuck, but I'm still irritated.

I feel listless and annoyed. I'm so sick of looking for jobs I don't want and then applying to said jobs and not getting a response or getting a response and not getting the job.


I hate this economy and I'm really fucking sick of living here. The thing that like baffles my mind is that I'm good at what I do! I'm not even getting phone calls or email responses and I'm good at what I do! There are like 6 graphic design related positions in the city at any given time and there are probably 300 people applying for them so clearly the odds are against me.

I don't know what to do anymore. I mean I can only keep applying, but in about a month all of the other college graduates are going to be out there as well and that is NOT good.

Fuck this economy and fuck the stupid people who decided it would be a good idea to buy a $300,000 house when they only make $60,000! Fucking consumerism and mass consumption, sometimes I kind of hate that I'm American.

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I'm sorry, sweetie.
Eh it is what it is. *shrug*

Thanks though darlin'.
honey, it's not because you're American. it's the same everywhere.

I've been looking for a new job for over 6 months now. I had a minor breakdown last night, because I got a call from an agency I had applied with for a marketing position, and they offered me an assistant position instead. I guess I should be happy that I got an offer, but the crux is: I've not been an assistant for over 4 years and now they offer me a boring job in which I would coordinate someone else's day, but in which I'd make 400 Euro more than now. That's pretty fucked up. I feel like all everybody thinks I'm able to do is handling someone else's business life when I've been handling a whole theatre for the last 4 years. the worst I guess is that it would pay more. I just can't get around that...
I feel for you. I've had several breakdowns in the last year.

Side note: It's weird, because the position I interviewed for the other day was for a Marketing assistant too...

Anyway, I know that the rest of the world is hurting too, I'm not really up on world news, but I think a significant amount of the global economy badness is due in part to the fact that we Americans don't know how to spend money well. The banking and housing collapse just shuttered us into a depression recession so we can't spend waste money on anything and I think that's trickling over into Europe and Asia causing problems for you guys.

The job market sucks BALLS. I'm sorry you're having to take a crappy job, but at least you're getting an offer. I don't really have any experience in the field so any job that I apply for, chances are they're going to hire someone more experienced who's taking a pay cut and job cut because there just aren't any jobs.

It's going to be really bad in the next couple of months because not only will there still be the same crappy job situation, but about 300 other graphic design/graphic arts/advertising majors are going to graduate and start competing for the same jobs. That's going to suck for me because I graduated last year but don't have a year's worth of experience to put on my resume.

I don't know. It's all just crappy crappy crappy. It sort of makes me want to drink, even though I don't.

yeah, the job market sucks pretty badly, that's true. and it's the same here - there will always be someone who is more experienced or someone less experienced who will work for half the pay (that's what's happening in the cultural secotr, and that's why our pay is so crappy).

I just wrote them an email and explained why I couldn't possible come in to meet the CEO. I realize I'm lucky that I have the possiblity to decline jobs. I'm just so afraid that if I take on a position like that, I won't ever be doing anything else and I've worked too hard for that to have that happening. I guess I'd rather stay in my current crappy job with less pay which is somewhat interesting and at least allows me to be my own boss (I'm head of a theatre office, so it's a leading position at least) before I take a step back and be someone else's secretary. I just know I would be so unhappy in a position like that.

Maybe sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in - what you want, what you know you can do - and not take what other people believe you're capable off. Even if it means a disadvantage. Maybe I'm just too proud.

And yes, I sometimes get replies from job applications where they tell me they had 350 other applicants and it was difficult to make a decision, bla bla. Sucks.

I'm going to school this summer, btw - it's a basic course for media conception - webdesign and print, because I feel that if I can prove in my applications that I know my way around the prevalent graphic design programs I might have a better chance at marketing positions with conception work (which is what I want to do.)

Anyway, good luck to you, hon. Hang in there.