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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Emotions - WTF!?

Lost Series Finale

Warning: I am not a happy camper.

That was the stupidest thing I have ever seen.

Like epically awful.

The show was this massively epic mystery and we ALL threw the idea that it was like a purgatory type of place out when the first season aired and instead of coming up with something like crazy awesome, they're all just dead?

And not to mention that I don't even understand, were they even on the island at all?

I just don't even know. I don't really understand what that was supposed to be. I mean WTF?! What the fuck was that?

I'll tell you what it was, it was bad.


They are not all just -dead-. Everything that happened on the island was -real-. The "purgatory" was the sideways flashes. It was a special place they all created -together- so that once they died in -their- reality, they would go there to come together so that they could spend the afterlife together. Their time with each other on the island was so important to all of them that it created a bond beyond death.

It's like a Titanic sort of ending where when the old lady dies, she becomes young again and goes to meet Jack in the Titanic's main dining room and they start kissing and dancing. Kate, Sawyer, Frank, Miles, Richard, Claire, Aaron, Hurley, and Ben all lived out their lives. They came to the purgatory -after- they'd died themselves. The purgatory is outside of time, so people start to remember when they've died in reality when they've come to grips with their life's issues. Jack didn't realize he'd died on the island in the sideways flash until he spoke with his father at the end.

Remember when Juliet died? She said "it worked...we should grab coffee sometime...we'll go Dutch." She was playing out her flirty remembrance conversation with Sawyer in the last episode. We just didn't know that at the time, so everyone assumed she meant "the bomb worked."

I don't understand why people are so confused and upset. xP
Oh, and Desmond too. Desmond and Penny and their son Charlie were in the church as well...because Hurley and Ben got him home. We just didn't -see- it.
One thing my Mom and I were wondering about, is why was Aaron there, we didn't realize he had died, but now I see that he could have died 90 years afterwards and shown up in that purgatory place, though I don't think he would have been a baby. @_@

*shrug* I dunno.
That purgatory time-line took place in -their- 2004, right after they got off the plane. Why would he not be a baby? His -memories- aren't that of a baby, just his body. Just like when Kate said she'd been waiting a "long time" and that she "missed him so much." Obviously, she grew to be an old woman, and while she was alive, she really missed Jack. It had taken her her whole life, long lived, to get back to Jack and to get to this purgatory place. The same that applies to Aaron applies to every other character that lived and wasn't aged. Including;

baby Charlie

I think that's it? But yeah...that's why Aaron wasn't an adult and everyone else was still their 2004 selves.
I understand what they did now, those were my suspicions and I confirmed it reading some random Lost blog.

I'm not really upset, just kind of like WTF? Mate, what a let down.

I'm not really emotionally attached to the show anymore, and I missed some key episodes in Season 6 (I watched the recap episode with the backstory though) but I thought it was lame.

My Mom and I watched the finale together and although she is more of a fan than me, she was more confused by it and more upset.

It was just bad. I mean I can get on board with A LOT of what they did for the storylines, but it was just cheesy and anti-climactic in a lot of ways, I'm actually okay with the pergatory idea, but the way they made it like the series finale made the side-flashes seem like WAY more important than the other five seasons of the show. I think that is what's confusing. In series finales you expect the show to get wrapped up and a sort-of like acknowledgement of the past seasons of awesome. By making the side-flashes the most important thing to answer in the finale they just took something away from all of the character's time and experience on the island and made it seem like the biggest picture and mystery that we wanted to know was all about the side flashes.

I think that's one of the reasons my Mom thought it was confusing and lame, she liked the side-flashes storyline, but she was more into the island side of things, so when they put more emphasis on the side-flashes they took something away from her. IMO I also think that they handled the episode poorly. I can see them wrapping up the pergatory story line, but they basically made it more important than the other five years on the island by making it the final moments of the episode.

I also think that the reason it was bad is because everyone is still so confused, the fact that the ending wasn't as epic and brilliant as the entirety of the show was a huge disappointment.

The ONE redeeming piece of the ep, to me anyway, was Miles. ;)

"I don't believe in a lot of things, but I believe in duct tape."

I dunno, I guess I'm just not impressed by certain parts of the story-telling and by the way they wrote/structured/filmed the finale.
Missing key episodes in the final season is a baaaaad thing, even if you watched a recap. xD

And I LOVED that...you probably -could- fix a plane with enough duct tape.... Hell, with enough duct tape, you can probably fix anything. Also? I'm very glad Richard got to get off the island. He deserved to live out his final days as an aging man.
Remember the theme of the show:

If you live together, you will not die alone. They didn't die alone, they died -together-, and will now spend their eternity in a perfect heaven where they can be happy and safe.
That's not the piece I have a problem with, although I didn't really see that as the theme of the show...

See comments above. ;)

Btw, Thanks for the great comments! ♥
WELL, not so much -the- theme of the show...but -a- recurring theme. It's definitely a big one.