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I have a theory that it's bunnies

Okay, So I have a theory. I am re-watching 'The Monster at The End of This Book' and I have a theory that maybe Chuck just shares his body with God sometimes, without his knowledge.

Like okay, so when Sam and Dean show up at Chuck's house I think maybe he's just Chuck, scared, weirded out, alcohol-needing, writer Chuck. However, when Chuck goes to see Sam in the motel room though, I'm kind of thinking that he's God.

The interaction between Sam and Chuck is VERY Guidance Counselor meets therapist meets confidant. Plus what Chuck says kind of confirms my ideas. I mean Sam asks him about the demon blood and Chuck knows, but not only that, he has a very sympathetic, un-sarcastically Chuck ear.

Sam: It scares the hell out of me, I wish to God I could stop.

Chuck: But you keep going back.

Sam: What choice have I got? If it helps me kill Lilith and stop the apocalypse-

Chuck: I thought that was Dean's job. That's what the angel's say right?

Sam: Dean's not... he's not Dean lately. Ever since he got out of Hell, he-he needs help.

Chuck: So you gotta carry the weight?

Sam: Well he's looked out for me my whole life, I can't return the favor.

Chuck: Yeah, sure you can. I mean if that's what this is.

Sam: What else would it be?

Chuck: I don't know, maybe the demon blood makes you feel stronger, more in control?

Sam: No, that's not true.

Chuck: I'm sorry Sam, I know that it's a terrible burden, feeling that it all rests on your shoulders.

Sam: Does it? All rest on my shoulders?

Chuck: That seems to be where the story's headed.

So okay, can you kind of see what I mean? Hi entire mood and persona is just different. When I watched the ep the first time I kept thinking how lame the scene was, but now I kind of think it goes with my theory.

The next time we see Chuck he's coming home from getting alcohol and he seems like the same frazzled guy. Maybe Chuck went out to get more booze, Sam gives him a call, God takes over, they have their heart-to-heart, and then Chuck just heads home, not really knowing much different.

I really want to explore this theory more and re-watch all of the Chuck involved episodes. Maybe this is all malarkey, but I could totally see something like this being the case. Chuck blacking out and God taking over could be totally normal, I mean Chuck gets a LOT of headache-visions and he does drink a LOT of alcohol, maybe he really doesn't know what's going on.

Eh, we'll see.

P.S. If God only showed up to talk to Sam alone, in that instance the amulet wouldn't even be a factor. Maybe when Dean sees Chuck, he's only ever Chuck.

P.P.S. When Castiel shows up a bit later he totally doesn't look Dean in the eye when he explains that Chuck is the mouthpiece for God. I totally think Cas is in on it/understands that sometimes Chuck is God. Holy Crap.

Also, on a slightly unrelated note, I'm gathering screen caps to make icons!! Yay!
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