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I really need to make some new icons.

I haven't made more than three icons in the last two and a half years I think. All that school stuff got in the way I think. I will be like SUPER rusty with that too.

Anyway, I'm still a little sleepy, just woke up from like a four hour nap. LOL.

I didn't do much today, played around, read that SPN fic series by dreamlittleyo and leonidaslion: Radio's Jammed with Gospel Stations

Pretty good read, long plotty wip, but good.

In other news I really need a job. That's not new though.

Blah I think I'll just go read or something. I need to finish my Sam/Gabriel fic, I now have 2/6 of it done. I'm also debating whether or not to do an actual like scholarly researched meta about personality types and archetypes on Supernatural. I ♥ psychology like whoa and I've had three different classes about it, so it wouldn't be like super duper hard to get my thinking cap on. I went to the library the other day and was reading all of the personality types and I pegged Sam and Dean as well as Gabriel.

BTW I'm an ENFJ, I believe Dean to be an ESFP and Sam to be an ISFJ, but Sam was rather hard to pinpoint due to his ginormous brain. Gabriel is an ENFP, I think.


ANYWAY, maybe if I get bored I will get around to doing this, as for some reason I crave approval from the fandom because I feel like I sorta abandoned everyone like when Sam split for Stanford.

Beeh! Okay but for now I'm off to find some chow.
Tags: fandom, fic, general, icons, lj, meta, psychology, supernatural, writing

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