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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Other - Summer Fun

Home is three years and 200 miles away.

I miss Pittsburgh like I've lost a part of my soul.

I miss everyone, T and B and H and G and A and A and E and even C and L and S and G and everyone else that I was friends with, if only briefly, in college.

I was listening to John Mayer's song 'Who says', I hate JM but I love that song. If you watch the video (here), it just feels like every aspect of my life in Pittsburgh. The times with friends partying and hanging out and goofing off and how everyone was awesome and I would give up my right hand to go back and live their forever, in that tiny bubble known as college. Those years really were the greatest years in my life.

I just wish it was still here.

I miss everything today. I really miss just being with my friends, and living my own life. I feel like I got to some how escape my crappy life with like a three year pass and now I'm going to forever want to be back there.

I just miss it and I wish I could still be there in those moments.


I know exactly how you feel. It was only 2 years of my life but it feels more like home to me than MD ever did. I wish I could stay in those moments forever. The sad part is, if we were to go back, it just wouldn't be the same. Everyone bonded together like family because our real families were hours away. We were all in a new strange place all alone until we found each other. God. Most amazing experience of my life was meeting everyone, exploring the city together, and just living life the best we could. I liked the photos you posted in your note on facebook, it always pulls at my heartstrings to look through those pictures...♥
I know, it's like this hugely bittersweet thing. Like you can't even imagine how much you will miss those times at the times they happen. There would be no chance of going back and living the same way. Life is just going forward and no matter how wonderful it was the suckiest part is that we can't go back, it won't ever be the same.

I just wish like we had all magically been from PGH and we were all still living in the city. It wouldn't hurt so much that way.

I know those photos kill me too. I just wish I had more of them. Tiff only had about half of the actual stash we had and she gave me what she had, but it still never really feels complete. I don't know...

I miss it, but I'm glad you understand too. I miss you as much as I miss those times with the group.