Someday you'll need to stand tall again (emella) wrote,
Someday you'll need to stand tall again

Jobs and Life

So I'm not sure why I haven't updated in a while, but I haven't obviously.

Life has changed so much for me.

I got a real job, it's only temporary but I have one, in Cleveland, until the end of April. The job is okay. I've had some drama already and I've only been there a month.

Because my job is in Cleveland I have an apartment here too. It's really lonely, bu the apartment is nice. I need a better couch, and maybe a nice big arm chair, but for now it's okay.

My loans kick in towards the end of December/early January and that's kind of like the day I lose all my money, but oh well, that's life.

I'm really lonely here, but I guess everyone has a starting point. One of my friends from college actually lives pretty close to me, but because of our work schedules we can only get together on the weekends.

I've kept my job at Blockbuster, I work one weekend a year just in case I don't get hired on full time, I want to have a back up plan.

I guess that's about it for now, not much else to say. ;)
Tags: friends, general, job, life, me, work

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