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Movin' on Up

So I was hungover yesterday which was not fun. But I had a SHITTON of fun on Thursday Night. I was so so so plastered. Me and two friends ended up crashing on our other friend's floor. It was bizarre.

Anyway, it made me realize that I so so so don't want to leave Pittsburgh. I'm gonna miss everyone so much. If I got offered a job here I would take it in a heartbeat. I would love to stay and be around the people that I went to school with because they're all awesome as hell.

There are some small benefits to going home to Columbus, but the emotional ones suck balls.

I got some good news, apparently my cousin, who works at Nationwide Insurance, mentioned that I'm a graphic designer and they want to see my resume. This is great news, but like I don't want to leave Pittsburgh!

I just want to get a cool job at a cool agency and do good, fun, creative work. I really hope I get a job, but more than that I really hope I get a job I like.

I don't know, I just gotta hope.
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