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Okay so Saturday my Mom came up and took me running around and we did a lot of stuff and got me a lot of stuff I needed for portfolio. I'm really annoyed though because I got back to my dorm later that evening and I discovered that my ID was gone. I searched the car, back tracked, and called all of the places where we went but no one found it. :( I was really sad because I really wanted to keep that ID until I graduated. Now I have to pay 55 bucks for a new one for five whole weeks. Lame.

Anyway, things are coming together. I made a giant ass to-do list and unless there is some huge thing thrown out into the mix I should be okay.

Some good news, my mom told me that she sold the house. It was a huge surprise and she just came up here after she went and sold our other house on Friday. That's such good news. Now I just hope that the Union doesn't strike at AT&T. Bah.

So anyway, things are moving along. hopefully everything will stay on track and I'll stay motivated. Everyone cross your fingers for me. :D
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