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I yelled. I like screamed at the TV at the end.

I knew Ruby would turn evil. And hey, she had the mojo all along.

Jenny was really really into some of his scenes in the white room. I think that's some of the best acting I've seen from him lately.

I'm glad Cas is not a heartless bitch.

I almost cried for Sam when he heard Dean and then Ruby swam into focus. I was like OMG PLEASE! DON'T NO SAM OMG DEAAAANNN! But then Ruby had to be like that and God, well, I'm glad she's dead.

Sam with his 'Dean, sorry' was the best thing ever and Dean's voice mail was awesome. The fake ass voicemail that (I'm assuming) the angels left pissed me off so bad. During the part leading up to Sam and Ruby in the room with Lilith I kept thinking that that was going to screw up the whole episode and What do you know, it did.

This episode was rittled with places where one little change could have affected the whole outcome.

I just. MY GOD I was so pissed at Kripke. You know, when a season finale is on deck I usually psych myself up for it and prepare for the worst ever cliffhangers, but I didn't do that this time and I got burned. The first season I was prepared and I was okay, the second season I was prepared and it turned out well, the third season we all kind of knew what would happen so it was okay, and now THIS MOTHERFUCKING PIECE OF CRAP?! I mean I CAN'T TAKE THIS SHIT. I'M ALREADY TEARING OUT MY HAIR OVER GRADUATION!!! This episode was like, holy crap.

I have nothing else to say right now. Just, holy crap, also, OH SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!
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