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The episode was very distressing to me. Sam and Dean's epic love needs to be repaired and live on. Forever! I have faith that this show, a show about family, will fix itself. Or that's what I keep telling myself.


Okay, So I've been re-watching the episode, and I've been suspicious of Ruby for a while, and well I was thinking.

What if Ruby (or the thing posing as Ruby) is really Lucifer's first?

I've been under the impression, for a long-ass while, that Sam is going to be the body that Lucifer will inhabit, whether that's Sam's his cage or just his vessle, I don't know, but I'm kind of assuming that when/if Lucifer rises it will be right into Sam.

Now, what if Ruby or whoever she is, is really Lucifer's first and she's tempting Lucifer out into the open by helping Sam kill Lilith. If Lilith's death is the 66th seal, then Ruby would be bringing Lucifer forth for her own means.

I was really thinking about this, I think it's clear that Ruby is hot for Sam, so it would only make sense that she would either want him to be Lucifer's vessel, as some kind of demon Sid and Nancy, or maybe she seduced Sam because she knows of his potential to be Lucifer's vessel.

Further more, what if YED and Ruby were in it together in some way, and YED was in the business of finding a suitable vessel for Luci.

What if this whole story line is like completely wrapped up and entangled into itself. It would make sense, I mean Kripke's been saying from the beginning that he was planning on four seasons and he was able to extend it to 5. What if this whole show is just one EPIC motherfucker that's been going down this way from the get-go. (With small changes such as minor characters - like Jo being written out. etc. etc.)

It would be crazy as hell if this were true...


Anyway, Back to my original thought. I think Ruby is still hatching her own schemes. The whole, 'she's older than she looks' keeps striking a chord and well, I would not be surprised. Demon King and Queen and all that.

You never know though. Oh man I want to see next week's episode.

Only 6 days!
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