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Okay so I liked this ep a lot, and it made me want to read a SHITTON of fic.

But one thing I was thinking about, Sam is so utterly completely like John now, and it makes me wonder, if Dean is like Mary doesn't that make the transitive property true?

John = Sam, Dean = Mary, John + Mary = perfect, therefore Sam + Dean = perfect. :D

I seriously want to read all sorts of fic now where the boys are raised with Adam being around or Dean has to raise Adam or something, because HOLY CRAP awesome. It sucks so much that he was dead. Poor kid.

We all kinda knew there had to be another Winchester out there, now it just proves that we were all kripked.

I seriously love this show.

I love how Sam just keeps slipping into darkness one sentence or scene at a time. The whole line at the end with calling in a favor to Cas, totally just evilish.

This episode was also pretty awesome because yes, bitchface!Dean is awesome, but we got that whole Dean is changed and Sam is changed, and during the scene where they were talking about being raised hunters in the hallway I was totally remembering the scene from the pilot. A long time ago, way back in season 1 or 2 someone said that at the end of the show they thought that Dean would end up like Sam and Sam would end up like Dean and it's now more true than ever. The juxtaposition of John's ideals on Sam and Sam being the gung-ho hunter is so totally the opposite of where he was 4 years ago. The same with Dean, although we've seen Dean's opinions change a while ago.

Overall this season is like a kick to the crotch and it's confirming some old ideas as well as some interesting new twists.

The one thing that I'm stuck with though, every time I watch an episode with darkish!Sam, I'm totally reminded of the phrase, 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions.' Let's just hope Sam will have an out.

We can hope.

I liked it. :)
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