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Some things about Flight of the Conchords

This is why I hate this video:

Okay. So I don't know anything about Flight of the Conchords (I'm a dumbass, above is a video of the SNL guys. My point is still valid though, the people who like Flight of the Conchords now are just dumb, the ones who aren't into that sort of thing, see more below.), the only exposure I have of them is the previous video, yes I know, it's sad that I've had no exposure to them, whatever, I have so much shit to do I have no life other than school work.

So okay I hate this video because it is so generically regurgitated that I am angry. Everyone and their brother likes this video/song/whole big thing. Do you know why?! Cause it's on HBO. Yes, HBO.

This type of awesome random video making has gone on before, has BEEN going on for the last few years and now people are like 'OMGILOVETHISOMGYES!!!!1' Little do they realize that this video is just a copy; a copycat, regurgitated, pale imitation of things like Tim & Eric's Awesome Show, The Lazy Sunday Rap, and of course the AMAZNG Jon Lajoie (Two) (Three).

The Flight of the Conchords video is or would be funny except I've seen it before AND it's been BETTER. You don't amuse me boat song, not a bit.

It also pisses me off that people who don't normally appreciate the randomness or random awesomeness of life are now into this whole big thing. I don't mean to be hating on this whole randomness love fest, but it's true. Y'all will go back to watching American Idol and shopping at Wal-Mart next week, so quit thinking that shit like the above video is the shit and it's amazing because NO ONE HAS EVER DONE IT BEFORE OMGILOVEIT!!!

Yeah, so there.

Note to Lorraine: this isn't about you, just people in general. not harshing your enjoyment, just ranting my rantyness
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