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I'm so high right now

My body keeps falling over. And my orrommates eyes jeep getting big. She's texting right now and emily I think she's trying to touch me dont touch me tou h me

every time she walks over to me i hink shes goint to poke me in the side or tickle me or something

omg hshe wont stop doing ti

April also was with us and now we're both typing. She's lookng aroung. I'm laughing and she's questioning my useage of livejournal. I think

She just qouted me quoting her watching and typing and interacting. Omg it's a big hannah montana no moustache?

I don't know what Ijust wrote. My toes are cold. I made food. Wait quit reading quit reading! Emily was readiingg over my shoulder and I just fell over because of my balance. I wanna be in a pool right now because my body is like swaying.

I gota get my gonna eat the meatttloak now.

i almost fell backwards again

what would be really fun to look at when your stones
charlie unicorn wouldn't load.

April s figners are like spiders

We were talking about Ian and how he s sucky because Apirl liked Ian She LIKED IAN EWWW YOU ALMOST DID SOMETHING WITH IAN




Her hands are like spiders but then


EWW OMG EEWWWWWWWWW Ian and Joe do each other? Oh okay Good, that's ugly

Emily drinks tea
my fingers are vibrating

she did it with three guys, but she didn't do it with Ian, good ewwww

Emily's talkng about Sheilah again. Sheilah Graham

SAnd then I closed the window of facebook. Quit reading Emily. I wonder if King of the Hill is on.

I had a premonition about what happened earlier. April was sitting and I was watching her. And then It was like really really weird.

My toes are cold.
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