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I'm very dissappointed.

I spent how many hours and how much time working and worrying about this fucking marathon map thing that I was working on. And now they've changed the course route at the last minute, and they asked me how hard it would be to change the map and I was so angry that they wanted even more changes that I blurted out (through email) that it would take a week, not thinking about the fact that I would be able to work on it at home. So then they didn't respond. So then I sent out an email 6 days later inquiring about the map. No response. Another 6 days later I sent out another week later I sent out another email voicing my concern with the fact that my schedule was getting busy and I would need to work on the map while I could and that the marathon date was also fast approaching. No response. I sent out that last email April 8th, 3 days ago.

So I went to the website to look it over tonight and the course map has changed quite a bit. So they haven't said anything to me and I'm assuming that they aren't going to talk to me anymore, that they've decided to just ignore my emails and forgo paying me the 500 dollars they agreed to give me. They didn't use the map I spent so long working on.

I'm really sad, because I really wanted that money and I'm really sad that I wasted all of that time.

I'm very upset.
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