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A prophet of the lord holy crap. I love it! Winchester gossple = love.

Chuck is pretty cool, I liked him. I feel so bad for him though. Stuck in his little bubble of knowledge that he can't do anything about. That sucks.

I seriously love Castiel. I think Castiel is like awesomer after this episode.

The whole deal with Lilith, I mean it is what it is, Sam thinking he can take her on is kinda dumb, but it's such a Sam thing to do. It almost makes reminds me of the old Sam.

I did like that it was more of a Sam or both boys episode than just a Dean ep.

Overall I LOVED it and I really want to re-watch the first 15 minutes. I seriously squealed when I heard about the slash fans. That made my day. But I gotta wonder how writers are gonna write about this now. I mean the writers sort of half-jossed everyone, because Dean's reaction was like 'ewww wtf?' So I mean I can see slash fics being written about the future or Sam and Dean thinking about it AFTER they learn about it, but what about all those fics out there that deal with underage stuff or Post-Stanford Era fic.

Someone HAS to write a fic of Sam or Dean reading some of this fic. IT HAS TO BE WRITTEN!

Dude, awesome episode. Next week will be AMAZING. (hopefully!)
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