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Worry Worry in a Hurry

So I finished 3/4 classes for the quarter. I'm hoping that I can finish painting for my last class tomorrow and wednesday.

In other news I'm worried.

I'm worried because I don't have an internship in a graphic design or advertising field for next quarter. Well I don't have an internship period but I have an interview tomorrow. I'm worried because I just don't feel like my stuff is very good. If my stuff was better maybe I would definitely have an internship, but right now I just don't have one or the possibility of one and that worries me. My department head sent out my resume to three different companies and two of them interviewed me and one said they weren't hiring interns and the other never responded. I don't know. The third place didn't call me or email me.

I just wish there was some way to ensure a job or a leg up towards a job. Something.

I don't know, for now all I can do is worry.

EDIT: Not 3 minutes ago I got a call from another advertising agency asking me to interview. SCORE! Edited 3:51pm
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