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Supernatural Spoilers

OMG I loved this episode. Oh soooooo good.

I heart Castiel, but even more than that I thought it was awesome.

Kinda sucks that Uriel was the baddie, I thought it would weirdly be Anna.

So Dean being the first seal is like HOLY CRAP. SO MANY THINGS ARE GOING ON IN MY HEAD!

Okay so What was the exact wording for the first seal again? Could it be possible that maybe Dean isn't the one who broke the seal? Maybe it's Sam? Maybe using his powers.

Sam's powers - GROSS!!!!! I totally thought Sam would have to do Ruby to get his powers but when she cut her arm icky ick ick ick!

And in a very special episode of Supernatural, Sam gets herpes. Lol.

Anyway, going back to Dean, I have this theory that Dean will have to stop Lucifer. I have this other theory, that Lucifer is locked up tight inside of Sam.

I don't know, but Holy crap it's all so complicated.

I missed Sam in this episode. Did anyone else? I missed the whole Sam-centric feel. I LOVE Dean, he is my tv boyfriend, but I miss Sam.

I'm so all over the place right now, I can't wait for next week's episode, oh man SO GOOD.

So John lasted 100 years. Wow. I mean wow. So a year in Hell is 100, 30 years = 3.5 months. Damn.

Dean looked so pretty tonight. Pretty and broken. I also loved Castiel in here. Although did anyone else get annoyed when Dean called Castiel 'Cas' like three times in 5 minutes? Stuff like that bugs me. I dunno.

I can't think of anything else for now, but I'm sure I will later. Meh.
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