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I don't understand certain things about people.

I don't understand routines, mostly because I think they're boring, but I don't understand people who have so many routines that they have more routine than spontinaeity or non-routineness.

And I don't understand people who don't crave more out of life. There are people who go through their whole lives just going to school, going to work, living, existing. I don't get that. How can you not want to explore the world or experience life. How can you stay in the same place your entire life and just live.

I understand that being able to not just live is an extreme opportunity and completely thankful thing, but if you really wanted to experience the world, there are ways to do it.

Some people I'll just never understand no matter how hard I try.


In other news, I'm losing my life to work. Right now I should be working, but I'm reading and posting and I'm going to feel guilty about it later.

I had a meeting about my freelance project yesterday and they want all of these changes/all of this new work that will take me just as long as the original work took me. I'm kind of pissed about it, but I'll end up doing it all because I can't not.

I have to finish up a bunch of projects this weekend, work on a couple outside freelance things, and write up a SWOT analysis by Wednesday. I'm also going to Cleveland on Monday for a field trip. This all just kinda blows. Having any freetime at all is like completely impossible. It got so bad last weekend that when I did get a bit of free time I was so bored (because I didn't have anything to work on [work being the key word.]) that I went to bed.

I'm really torn as well, because part of me really wants to rebel against all of this work and just do nothing, but then the other part of me wants to get it done, And in reality I'm procrastinating to avoid making decisions.

I don't know I'm just all over the place lately, but life is rushing past me and this time next week I'll be graduating (metaphor.)

I have second-quarter roommates who spend most of their time hanging out with friends, being hos, or playing video games. I miss those days when life was so easy that it was like walking on water.

It's odd as well, because I've kind of stopped being stressed about everything, it's like, I know that I've done all this busy stuff in the past, so I have faith that I'll be able to do it in the future. It's like, I know I've had really bad days and I lived through those so I know that if I have bad days again, I'll be able to work through those as well.

I don't know what will happen, but I know that I can try and I have a feeling that I'll pull it off. Every time I worry about not getting something done, I always just remember that if nothing else I can sacrifice sleep and I can get through this time and in the words of Gnarls Barkley, I can die when I'm done.
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