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First Day of Class...

Today was my first day of class and it was FABULOUS! I got off to a rocky start this morning, almost late to my psych lab. It also rained today, so that sucked, but like after my mood improved, so did the weather. :)

Psych lab was good, but my teacher is a T.A. who is foreign, she's chinese or korean or something. *Shrug* I'll just have to listen better.

Then I had lunch. Lunch was good, right before though, Riann-a girl I knew from H.S and yearbook- came up to me. It was cool, we talked for a bit and then I learned that she and Leah(another girl I knew from H.S. and yearbook) weren't friends before. That's like a big wow, I guess it just shows you that people change. Anyway, after lunch I read some of my Psych book and then headed to psych at 2:45.

Psych was good, it's a lecture class, it sounds interesting. :)

Then I go to English and the teacher is like totally cool by the way and She called roll and she called out Leah's name. I was like 'huh?!' and whirled around to find Leah two seats behind me. That was so awesome. Leah is great. After class we hung out in her room and over at the little grocery store on campus. We also ran into this guy from our H.S.-Leah knew he was here, but I didn't- apparently a lot of people who went to our school go here.

Math was sucky after that, it was so easy and I did the homework she assigned while she talked about it. I already know it, but I don't think I know much more than the first few lessons.

After class I grabbed some food and then headed up here to my room. I called my mom and then Helena. She was happy to hear from me, it's her birthday, so that was nice.

My roomate is cool. Her name is Rebecca, and like if I'm a nerd, she's like 100 times worse. No joke.

It will be ok though.

Oh and guess what! My first day of school and I already got invited to a party! !

! and ! again.

This is just working out great. I hope it stays great.

Now I'm off to call Tyler.

p.s. My roomate is watching wrestling. Ugh.

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