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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Unbreakable Dean

Okay boys

It's crunch time. I worked for like 8 hours on my freelancing job today. Man am I tired. I have pretty much a week to finish it and it's mighty scary because I also have a shit ton of stuff to do for school. I just have to have faith that everything will get done.

On top of that I have like no real food. I cooked the last of my meat up tonight so I have three meals worth of hamburgers and a bunch of canned vegetables. Besides that I think I have half a bag of apples and pop. I need to go to the store like ASAP, but my debit card went all retarded a few weeks ago and the bank hasn't sent me a new one yet. Plus the fact that, you know, I'm poor and have no money for food.

I was also working on my budget for next quarter. I'm going to need a lot more money because it's my last quarter and I have graduation. I don't know where any of that is going to come from and I'm really praying that I get one of these internships, and not only that I really hope that maybe one of them pays.

If I didn't tell you, I had two interviews for internships, one I had yesterday, and the other I have this coming Thursday. I think the one on Friday went well, it seems like it would be a cool place to work as well, although it is advertising. I dunno. I just gotta hope.

Anyway I'm off for now. I may not be around for a week or so, it depends on how much time I have. I have all my school work and this freelance thing. I made a lot of progress today, but I'm not sure how that will go quite yet. Eh Anyway, Ta ta for now.


good luck on your internship!! *keeps fingers crossed*