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Life is running me ragged

Oh man I'm exhausted. I only got about 4 hours sleep, and I woke up after a scary dream that was about a pet store digital billboard falling on me. That was weird.

I then had class @ 8 and again at 12:45. So for my second class we had to come up with concepts for an advertising campaign and then create those advertisements. Well my group and I were like a week behind on that and so we had to shoot pictures during lunch and then we had like 3 hours to put together our stuff. It was just awful. Like I barely got something scraped together and the two other pieces we had (produced by the other two team members) were just as bad. Then we showed it to the class and they all agreed that it sucked and we needed to fix it. So we spent all afternoon wasting time.

I hate group projects.

I felt like such a failure in that class today. I feel like half the time I'm slacking off when I'm really working just as hard as everyone else.

I don't know.

In other news I got an email from a lady about an internship today. She was contacted via my department head. I need to email her back about an interview. God I totally don't want to interview, I really don't need that stress right now.

My freelance project is also picking up, I'm trying to get that done in the next two weeks. I really am just too busy for life.

I'm pretty sure I need to devote myself to design for the next month in order to get anything done.

I'm so fucked, or at least I feel that way.
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