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Supernatural thoughts

So earlier I was actually thinking about Sam and Ruby. I kinda feel bad for Ruby. We've been bitching about new!Ruby and her crappy acting, but I was thinking about Ruby the character, just because she's hard to read and we don't know her end game we've all been assuming she's some evil hellspawn bitch. (Also, because Dean's been constantly bitching about her) We haven't even thought to give her the benefit of the doubt, sort of.

I was thinking about her earlier, what if like the reason she's not completely evil is because in her first life she was really a fallen angel and then she got mixed up into some baddness and ended up in hell, but all that torture just never seemed to stick?

I dunno crazy thoughts.

Anyway, after thinking about that earlier I tried to give some Ruby fic a shot and discovered THE BEST story.

I read a story that sort of made me fall in love with Ruby. I encourage you all to read it.

The Stranger by taxidryer (Sam/Ruby) R
Summary: They’d made crowds dream and scream and then they’d go home in solitary, be the slaves they truly were.

That's it for now.
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