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So holy crap, I saw that guy coming from like the scene where they were discussing cars and drinking. Also: Dean is totally totally gay. I seriously seriously like internally squeed about that. I was reading on ifyouweremine's lj that she thought Dean should be looking for Sam's clone, and that sparked my idea that, oh what if Dean really should have seen Sam's clone but the siren figured that and so he was some other dude. /crackythoughts

Anyway, I was a little weirded out by the random sex Sammy was havin'. I mean okay usually we see Dean into the whole WamBamThankYouMa'am bit, but Sammy... eh.

I liked the overall ep, it was pretty good, not the best ep this season, but the potential ficcage that was brought about by this episode was up there so I enjoyed it. :D

The end fight was pretty messed up. I like that we got to see Sammy act like a bit of a dick, I also really like that Dean was like intensely into the Siren.

Things that irritated me slightly:
-Bobby saying Idjit AGAIN, I mean c'mon, once is funny twice is too much, as my Mom likes to say.
-That the guy didn't look more like Sammy, unless they wanted him to look more like Dean (Did y'all notice that?)
-That Bobby saved the day, does he have a built-in save-the-boys detector?
-That the final final end scene was repetitive.

Minor things that I really enjoyed:
-Dean's sleepy lashes
-Bobby's multiple phones
-Dean's semi-gheyness
-The Hot chicks walkin around everywhere
-The sexy boy fight

Anywho, that is all.
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