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I will not cry angry tears of man pain

I am so pissed and angry and ready to cry.

The people I was working with for the map thing finally got back to me. They've decided that they didn't like the icons I made so they want to go with icons similar to the ones on the map here.

The ones on that map aren't that great, but they aren't horrible either. The ones that the design correspondent lady sent me are full color photos with a glow around them. She sent me a mock up of the map with the new icons and they're ugly. Just really really ugly and I want to say that point blank but that won't work.

I feel like I have no say in this process anymore and I'm just the programmer/production worker. I don't know if I would even feel comfortable putting this in my portfolio.

I HATE THIS. My entire career is going to be compromising my design aesthetic and working with clients who expect me to do whatever they say and exactly how they want it.

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