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Dude I am balls tired.

So you know what is fun? Trying to catch a bus during 'stillers' parade day. That was joy and bliss.

So I left the apartment at 3:20 for my 3:30 appointment with Housing and the roads were still all blocked off for the parade, but I got to school. (Btw, Classes were cancelled for the parade, seriously.) The lady for my appointment had her secretary send me away.

Okay, so I've been trying to get recycling going in my dorms for like a year, granted I haven't been working super hard at it, but I've been making the roommates recycle and I've started going back to student council.

I went to Student Council last last week and they asked if I could talk to housing about it, so I made an appointment and was sent away. Before I was sent away though, the secretary lady asked me what it was about and I told her and she said that 'Oh they've been trying to get that going for a while and it's been brought up in numerous meetings, but there's no way to really do it.' I then asked her why, and she mentioned that they would have to bring someone in to collect it or something. So then I asked her, 'So there's nothing we can do?' She said, 'No.'

WTF?! How the fuck are you going to sit there and tell me that the school can recycle because the janitors collect it, but the people who collect the trash from the trash rooms at the dorm can't do the same?! Why can't you just pay that guy an extra 50 cents an hour?! Seriously, you're going to sit there and spend a shit ton of money on free food for the students and a bunch of money for pointless activities and money for printing up big banners announcing the pointless activities and then print off 9 billion flyers to slip under the dorm room doors about those pointless activities and yet you can't bring someone in like once a week to collect some recycling?!

You fail Art Institute. You fail. I will see you in court. [figuratively.]

And now back to the show:

So after weird-not appointment I had decided to go to the store and so I went over to the bus stop, but since they were still taking down the parade barricades the buses weren't really running. So I decided to go to starbucks and then once I saw that the buses were running I would go.

So I'm sitting in Starbucks and my coat zipper breaks. Luckily I was able to zip it back up, but it's not really fixed, it was just a temporary solution.

Then I catch a bus to south side and go to Utrecht to see if they have any portfolios, they only have the cheap ass kind, but I found a nice little pencil box, so woot. I went to the grocery store and purchased 98 dollars worth of groceries. However since I had to buy a few gluten free products I didn't get as much ground beef as I wanted and I didn't get any tater tots :( Bummer. Eh well.

So then I'm dragging my groceries back to the bus stop and I've got a full backpack, two full fabric grocery bags and two plastic bags. So I get to the bus stop at 5:55 and the bus doesn't come until 6:30, and it was the wrong bus. I was waiting for the 51G and it never came, so I took the 51A. The 51G drops me off right in back of the dorms, I literally just have to walk around to the front, but the 51A drops me off like 5 blocks over, so yay I get to carry my groceries an extra 5 blocks.

It's okay though, I'm home now, I am freshly showered, I think I took most of the chill out of my bones, and I have food, so hip hip hoo-yay.

On another fangirlish note, I have been having trouble sleeping lately, so I've been putting myself to sleep by fantasizing about marrying Jared. I tried to imagine marrying Jensen, but it just didn't work, something about the fact that I think Jared and I would get along better. It's weird.

Well I'm off to do crap.
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