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Today was my last day at work! Yes! I love those kids, but It's OVER! YAY! *cheers*

Helena cried and the mom got teary-eyed. I will miss Helena. I'm going to call her Monday and wish her a happy birthday. That's her birthday, she got my present today. I got her a build-a-bear gift card and a carebear key-chain. See for my senior year, I gave my friends a care bear key-chain present as a sort of good-bye, and I told Helena that.

A few hours later, we found the dog munching on Helena's bear. She got so upset so heartbroken. Luckily he can be saved and everything will be alright.

I also found a home for Scotch (my hampster) today! Yay! She will go to an internet frined of my mom's. The friend lives here, so it's all good.

I feel so happy right now. I'm just glad everything is working out.

Tyler and I have been fighting bickering kerfluffleing for the past two days. But today he sent me flowers!

I got flowers! From a boy!

They were pretty pink and yellow and such a cute vase. *giggles like a girl*

It was nice. :)

Now, I shall sprinkle you with magic happy mood dust and fly away on fairie dreams! ^_^

P.S. I'm really not crazy.

P.P.S. I think.

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