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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Dean eyes


This episode was lamer than lame. The Monster of the week really was a rabid version of Nell and there was NO character development at all. We got an attempt at character development that was as cheap and thin as a hooker's top. I was YELLING at the tv during the end scene. I NEVER do that during SPN. Never. This episode was extremely dissappointing. I'm pretty sure there are a shit ton of fanfics better than this ep.

Okay, the bitching is done. What little good:

1) Woo! The boys are back!
2) Sam laying in the back seat is awesome.
3) Dean's cop-like authority was AWESOME. It gave me shivers.

That is all for now.


You don't know me but i've just been going around seeing what other people thought of this ep and i've only been watching SPN for about 6 months now and i didn't want to think that they were capable of writing such shit.

It makes me said that i really do think Jensen especially is just really frustrated with what he's having to work with. Surely him and Jared would be able to put their foot down and say "Look, this isn't working"

I felt so bad when Dean was doing his all "I liked torturing people in hell" because i kept rolling my eyes and wanting him to shut up and get over it! And why the hell does Sam just sit there! I don't get it!!

And as a new viewer it saddens me it really does.

I wonder sometimes what would be different if someone like Joss Whedon were to write some episodes you know? lol, I've been re-watching Buffy - because I like chracterisation, and I like writers who understand that chracters need development!!!

What happening with this show?!?!