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So I just finished reading 1984.

I really liked the book... until the ending.

I guess I was spoiled by the apple commercial because I kept hoping and hoping for a good ending but nope... I was wrong.

I loved the general idea behind the book and the first part was pretty kick ass. Part three blew chunks. I mean it was like 8 chapters of torture and like the end chapter of part three was the only interesting bit of part three, that and the explanation part right before the turn around.

The more I think about it the less and less I'm dissappointed. I'm an idealistic existentialist but this book makes me want to like run away screaming from the existentialist part of me and the idealistic part of me is crying like a shriveled ball in the corner.

I'm kind of freaked out about all the torture. Not really because it was gorey, but more because it was like my reactions while reading about the torture really made me analyze myself. I don't know what I've discovered thanks to that, but lets just say that it made me think.

I'm not sure what else to say about it. I'm still kind of processing the whole thing.

Man... I keep coming back to the torture bits, that part was fucked up. I mean seriously. George Orwell is like a badass. This book is sort of like a bad trip. It's like one minute your reading this interesting and insightful story and then all of a sudden your sucked up into this philisophical crazy-ass thinky think shit that blows your mind and then you roll over after reading the ending with a bad taste in your mouth and this feeling that you read something that is going to like make you wonder what you were thinking for years to come.

I mean... seriously, what the fuck.

The book was good, but man what a head trip.
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