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Post the first sentence you posted to lj each month:

January '08: So oh man today Tiffany and I went to this AWESOME porn store.

February '08: So I've been swamped with school work.


April '08: Today was a bad day.

May '08: Yeah scheduling classes is ghey.

June '08: So if anyone is actually still wondering where I am, I'm here at home now, I've been incredibly busy with school and now that I'm home I might be around more.

July '08: Just kidding.

August '08: Heading to Kentucky tomorrow/today.

September '08: It's too fucking early.

October '08: So is it totally obvious to everyone else that newguy and House are flirting?

November '08: So I did the average amount of homework this weekend.

December '08: Fandom-as-exes meme gacked from apocalypsos:

Wow, So my opening sentences are like super short. Hmm...
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