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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

Some things about Merlin

So I was thinking about the show and fic in the fandom and here are some things I would really like people to remember when they write fic in this fandom.

-It was the middle ages, they didn't bathe but once a month or something like that. Arthur may have bathed something like once a week, and the servants of royalty may have been forced to bathe more often, but on the whole they didn't bathe as regularly as today.

-Arthur was raised to believe magic was evil and wrong and purely just bad, so I doubt he's going to roll over and be all happiness and flowers when Merlin's secret comes out.

-Religion was a big thing back then, although it's not really portrayed in the show, the church was around as was all of their menacing influences.

-Chivalry should factor in to Arthur's behavior sometimes. I mean they weren't Knights in shining armor for nothing.

-Also, as a whole the middle ages were a lot grittier, dirtier, meatier, rough, and more raw than what is portrayed on the show.

There are probably more things to add to this list, but this is just something that I was thinking about while reading fic.


yeah - I have a pet peeve - there wasn't the concept of gay / straight - the words gay or queer have their meaning only for a couple of decades actually.

I've read so many fics in which one of the characters talks about being "gay"... makes me cranky.
That's stupid, the term gay didn't even mean gay until this past century. I can see a character saying something like that they prefer men or something but gay... that's just preposterous.
P.S. I ♥ your icon. :D
It's stupid. I'm writing on Merlin/Arthur slash myself - I just don't know yet if it's going somewhere - and yes, it is difficult to be conscious of anachronistic language - e.g. you can't write: "he wanted to know what made Arthur tick" etc.

and yes, I love that icon, too. Arthur's just too pretty for his own good. And chainmail is a bit like uniforms - gets me terribly excited - there should be sex-in-chainmail fic. I don't care how uncomfortable that is.
Yeah, I imagine it's almost as if you have to write it and then go back and britpick it, but historically.

Chainmail is interesting, It's not one of my kinks, but I can dig it. Chainmail sex would be interesting, like the epitomy of male sex, seeing as how the most masculine garment back then was like chainmail, armour, and swords. I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum myself, put Merlin in a dress any day and I'm pretty happy.