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Rec & other stuff.

This is a vid rec. Everyone go and watch this vid This is why I love Supernatural. Oh my god, this is so amazing. Watch it like RIGHT NOW. It's beautiful and awesome and perfect.

On another note I went to that job thing today. I met with a client and my design studio liason. They were both very nice and I'm going to be making an interactive map for the Pittsburgh marathon. It's going to be a huge job but I'm gonna make 500 bucks so that's good.

I dunno what to say about it. I wanted to get it done before xmas, but it looks like I won't be able to. *sigh* I really wanted to have a decent Christmas this year. Oh well. :(

I'm also going to be getting my wisdom teeth out in January. Poopy. I'm going to be put under for the first time in my life. Eck. Blah. Anyway. I'll probably post more later. But oh well.
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