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So I'm in such a good mood. Like yesterday was up-all-night at school, it basically doesn't close until 2 and they give you free pop and snacks and stuff. Well they also do little events and things and they had a graphic design portfolio review where anyone could bring in their stuff and show it to professionals and get feedback. So I took it in and I got to show one of my teachers and he gave me some great feedback and said that I was well on my way to an A portfolio. That made me feel fantastic. I also got some contact info from a guy there about the remote possibility of an internship. He also took a look at my stuff and said I had a lot of good stuff. I felt so motivated last night and I was really excited so I made an appointment to talk to my department head who has the up and up on all the best internships.

I also got a good amount of work done on my website last night so that's good. It's all sort of coming together. :D

I also got news that I'm going to be creating a freelance pro bono map for a marathon company and so that will help pad my resume out. :) It's all going swimmingly I'm very happy right now. :D
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