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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

I feel a little crazy about Grad School

Like I'm not sure, but I'm feeling a little crazy. My emotions are like outta whack.

I'm like terrified because I really want to go to grad school, and I think I've figured out for what, but I'm really freaked out that what I want to go into won't make me any money.

I think I want to go into illustration, and I'm like terrified that if I get my masters in illustration I'll be throwing away money and time...

I'm NOT going into advertising. Fuck that.

I'm so freaked out right now.

I've been wanting to go to grad school since about my third quarter here, and now I'm two quarters from graduating and I'm freaked out and I'm wondering if maybe I really want to go to grad school or maybe I just really want to stay in college...

I mean I think I would like to teach one day, but then I also really want to produce meaningful artwork.

I don't know. One minute I'm like dead set on that this is what I want to do, then the next I'm thinking it's not practical. Then I feel dread and intimidation and then I feel idealistic hope. I'm so up and down and I have no idea what I want.


I won't lie to you. In this economy you're taking a gamble with ANY degree that isn't science or business. It might be hard to find a job after you graduate. But the economy will eventually turn around and then it would be nice to already have the degree.

I think you should go for it!
Completely forget about the money. Do what you love. You are your job. If you try and fail, business degrees are so easy to go back and get, it's laughable.