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Crazy dream

So I had this dream that I was like a kid and there was this other kid and I knew what we would be like when we were older and we were meant to be together. Except I was a guy (actually I was a guy I sort of know from school) and the other kid was a guy and he was a guy I know from school. But anyway I had to go to this kid and tell him that we were meant for each other and that when we grow up we end up together and he asked me what we looked like and I described what we looked like when we were older and then we both kind of like aged until I turned into myself now and he turned into this other guy (not the guy I thought he would turn into). And I was like Ohhh! You're not him you're him! And he asked me if we end up together or were in a relationship and I told him no, we weren't. And then he went on to say he wanted to call this girl he was thinking of dating from school. And I didn't want him to but I had no reason that he shouldn't so he went on a walk for a few minutes to think about it and then when he came back he asked me if he should ask her out. I said that he should ask her out if he wants to. He then said that he would ask out the girl he liked and he picked up his cell phone and started to call her. A few seconds later my phone started ringing and I kind of squeed internally in the dream. I picked up the phone and low and behold it was him. Then I'm kind of hazy on how exactly we got together other than I said yes, but then we were together and I explained to him that I'd had a crush on him for a while. There was slightly more to the dream, but not much and I can't really remember it, but I thought that fake dream asking out sequence was like the most romantic thing. There was like tv tension in it, so it was a pretty cool scene/thing.

Yeah. Now if only it were real.
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