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I'm super excited about the break. No roommates, no class. It's all good.

The only downside is that I have a to-do list for the break that I really want to get done. I need to do my homework and I really want to try and get ahead.

I had to do a presentation tonight about the philosophy of video games. That was fun/interesting. It sucked to research but meh. I am relatively finished with that class, I finished all the big stuff I just have to do the weekly homework assignments and the final and I'm done wooo!

I have another presentation to do on Monday for my ethics class. That's on the ethics and philosophy of advertising, so that should be interesting. On the plus/up side, I had to do a bunch of papers for these two classes (Ethics and Aesthetics[the class I presented for]) and I got them back. On all but one of the four papers I got a 92 or higher so that's cool. I wrote a paper on Fight Club the book/movie and how it uses Noel Carroll's filming techniques to tell the story. I got a 93 on that which was awesome. On one of my ethics papers I got a 95, and it was all about bhuddism and consumerism. I'm going to expand on that for my advertising presentation on Monday, and I'm really passionate about the idea of nonconsumerism so it should turn out good.

I don't know, things are kind of go-with-the-flow busy lately.

Eh well.
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