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SGA 5X16

Ahaha I LOVE IT.

Dave Foley and freaking BILL NYE. Dude you guys I watched Bill Nye the Science guy on tv for years, like in school and stuff when I was a kid. That is so freaking cool that they are on here.

As far as Rodney and Jennifer are going so far, I didn't like when she tried to change him to be more positive on the plane, because I can just see that like 2 years down the road, she is annoyed with his negativity and she keeps trying to get him to be positive and he is annoyed with her trying to change him... It just wouldn't work I don't think. I dunno though, I still have a bunch left in the episode...

Okay, so that was interesting, but I dunno. I was unsure about Jennifer/Rodney before now I'm pretty positive I don't really dig them together. It's just kinda I don't know off or something.

I was trying to be open minded about it, but It's just I dunno not working or something. Eh. I guess we'll see how it turns out.
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