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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Harry Potter - Severus Snape


So the new roommate gets on my nerves.

Maybe it's that she's younger or I dunno, but I feel like when she talks to me she thinks she knows more than I do and like she's a little cynical... it's weird.

Like the other day, I was at my computer, which is named Mac, and this is what happened.

Mac the computer: It's 9 o'clock
New Roomamte: (Laughs) Your computer's gay.
Em: Yeah (laughs) (assumes she's talking about how fast the time has gone by)


Mac: It's 11 o'clock
New Roommate: Dude, your computer's a faggot.

So before you get all peeved, faggot is the new word for ghey, which pisses me off a bit, but some kids say it. Anyway, it pissed me off, I mean I'm the one who set the computer to say the time, but her attitude was very negative.

She seems cool sometimes, but not enough.

Tonight I wanna watch the debates and she had just flipped on the tv, so I asked if it would be cool if I watch 'em. She asked if they would be over at 10, I said 10:30, she then responded with the fact that south park is on and it's new.

That kinda pissed me off, and not just because it's my tv. I mean freakin' south park, it will be rerunned.

Stupid, young people today are ignorant and asses...


OMG. She sounds like an utter asshole. I wouldn't put up with her, that's for sure. Especially if she's younger than you! Be like, "Bitch, if you don't get in line, I'mma have to cut a bitch. And by bitch, I mean YOU." XD

...ahem. Good luck with your sitch!
Oh man, she sounds kinda like a bitch. Honestly, if it's your TV you get to decide what to watch. It's nice of you to let her watch her stuff but if you want to watch something, she should accept that. She sounds incredible rude.