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So the new roommate gets on my nerves.

Maybe it's that she's younger or I dunno, but I feel like when she talks to me she thinks she knows more than I do and like she's a little cynical... it's weird.

Like the other day, I was at my computer, which is named Mac, and this is what happened.

Mac the computer: It's 9 o'clock
New Roomamte: (Laughs) Your computer's gay.
Em: Yeah (laughs) (assumes she's talking about how fast the time has gone by)


Mac: It's 11 o'clock
New Roommate: Dude, your computer's a faggot.

So before you get all peeved, faggot is the new word for ghey, which pisses me off a bit, but some kids say it. Anyway, it pissed me off, I mean I'm the one who set the computer to say the time, but her attitude was very negative.

She seems cool sometimes, but not enough.

Tonight I wanna watch the debates and she had just flipped on the tv, so I asked if it would be cool if I watch 'em. She asked if they would be over at 10, I said 10:30, she then responded with the fact that south park is on and it's new.

That kinda pissed me off, and not just because it's my tv. I mean freakin' south park, it will be rerunned.

Stupid, young people today are ignorant and asses...
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