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Here are some Recs.

and in this we say goodbye by ifyouweremine (S/D Wincest NC-17)
This is really fucking hot pwp.

Battering Ram by astolat (S/D Wincest R)
Quiet. Beautiful. Lonely. Post-apocalypse. No Summary.

But what are your thoughts on Yaoi? by longsufferingly (S/D Wincest Crossover with Bones rated R)
This is funny and awesome. It's a Bones/SPN crossover ficlet.

RPS fic:
In a Mirror Distorted and Indistinct by felisblanco (J Squared, NC-17)
This fic is heartbreaking and sad. It's long and beautiful. Jensen has an eating disorder and some issues.

Warm Milk and Excedrin PM by lazy_daze (J2 Preslash PG-13)
This is cute and lovely. Someone needs a nap.

Stargate Atlantis Fic:
Children of Lantean Design by xela_fic (Rodney/John & Others R)
This is absolutely beautiful and lovely and a long sweeping realistic fic in which young adults from an alternate future version of Atlantis come to this Atlantis reality.

The Price That Life Exacts by cathalin (John/Rodney NC-17)
This is a big bang fic that is beautiful and perfect. John goes missing and about a year later Rodney hasn't given up hope, but he and Atlantis are in for a surprise.

That's all for now. Hope you enjoy. :)
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