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I am LOVING this QAF ep. OMG it's the one where Stockwell(mayoral candidate) goes to the Gay and Lesbian center and the whole(almost) cast stand up with posters of dead or unsolved crimes. I got a flip-floppy feeling in my stomach when Justin said his own name. I LOVE this season. Well, I love the Brian/Justin and Mel/Lynds parts. Ted is bugging me and I don't really like Ben, but I'm dealing with 'em.

Is QAF still on? Does anyone know? *does not have HBO*


[Edit: Ok, Best fuckin' episode EVER! Ted went Psycho and headed to Palm Springs. Debbie got high with Brian and then Brian freaking gets fired, proving that he is still fuckin' awesome. The best though, was breakin' down the door to the back room at Babylon. Awesome Ep!

p.s. Poor Emmit!

p.p.s. *will's Netflix to hurry, using only her eyes*]

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