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Oh man.

Okay so wow. I mean I was actually kind of like expecting this ep to be a little less amazing. I LOVED Mary's family and how she was raised. Samuel and Deanna, that's just awesome. I love that we get the reason for Mary dying and her reason for selling Sammy into demonhood. I love that Dean is so fucking heartbroken about his Mom when he's in the scene where he cries. I love that he convinced John to buy the Impala. I love that Mary is the one who approached Dean because he was following them. I love that he told Samuel that he was from the future and I LOVE that it was the demon. I love that the demon realized that just maybe it would be possible for Dean to kill him.

I loved this episode. Everything. EVERYTHING. From the soundtrack in the diner (Ramblin' Man!) to the dustiness of the Impala, to Daniel Elkins, to Mitch Pilegi, to Dean talking about the engine on the Impala (who didn't swoon when he whipped out those facts?). I loved that Castiel warned Dean and that he taught Dean a lesson. I love that he was there for Dean, his hand on Dean's shoulder. I love that Sam was so 'I'm ready' or whatever the fuck he said in the beginning. I love the look on Dean's face when Castiel warned him about the road Sam was taking and how they might have to do something about that. I love that my reaction to that statement is anger and bitchiness. I LOVED THIS EPISODE OMG! LOVED!

I want to know all of your thoughts. OMG Tell me!

In matters concerning the debate, I only saw the parts after SPN and I have to say, wow Palin can talk and walk and she's very charismatic. The thing that bothers me is that (and maybe I'm being sexist) I don't think men will understand the type of evil that she is. When I say evil I mean that in the most neutral terms, but girls have an instinct about other girls. Sarah Palin is the type of girl who made fun of you in high school and did ALL the bad stuff and while acting like a nice little church-going virgin at home. Seriously I mean what girl can't see that when they look at her. They say that girls are vicious to other girls and this is why. She is exactly the type of woman who instills that.

One thing I noticed was how much eye contact she gave the camera. I was having trouble listening to her because she was looking directly into the camera, I can't imagine what a guy heard.

And jeez, can't she learn another word besides 'maverick?' What the hell was that. Seriously.

I think Biden actually did worse when compared to her though. He had less eye contact, his answers weren't as pretty, and he didn't instill those emotions into the audience. He was talking the basic facts and figures and ideas behind what he believes but Palin was getting to the heart of it all. She is playing a dangerous game in my book. She's taking the emotional side of things and turning them to her advantage. She's using that manipulative psychology that only girls really know and turning it onto America.

I don't know. I just spent an hour on the phone with my mom and she has the complete opposite stance as me and it makes me want to rethink things. I would only take what I say here with a grain of salt, but you know, it was my opinion at the time.

In other news I have a new roommate, she seems kind of distant but nice. She did kind of laugh at something that I laughed at on SPN, but she laughed at it maliciously and then she had a guy over earlier, but I dunno I'm not judging her yet, if it's a point system she's really only minus 1, and you have to get to minus 5 before I make a decision on whether I like you or not.

Eh anyway. I'm overthinking everything it seems. Later
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