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Ohh ooh lordy now, travel so hard

I just finished watching the history channel show The Universe: Beyond the Big Bang. Holy crap. Just... my brain is like tripping out.

I love watching crap on the history channel. It blows my mind and makes me wish I were like an awesome theorist or something.

I dunno.

In other news I'm in PA. I got back yesterday and I'm home alone for most of the week. I decided to come back early to get some work done and to have some alone time. Not sure when the roomie roommate is coming back. Emily is coming back on Sunday and the new chick is moving in on Thursday. Meh.

I'm having a career crisis of sorts, I'm wondering if Graphic Design really is what I want, but it's a long drawn out pondering thought that I have at random times, so I'm not putting much stock into the wondering.

Whoa I totally just had a psychological invasion (an invasion is a random thought/memory that crops up without being internally or externally queued, in other words I didn't try to remember it and nobody influenced me to remember it). That was totally weird. I was in the middle of typing the previous paragraph and I started thinking about that movie Indian in the Cupboard. I have no idea why... I effing hated that movie. That kid's hair cut pissed me off and I'd seen that movie WAAAAYYY too many times and the kid was such a bad actor and the whole movie was like annoying and dumb to me. I wonder why I started thinking about that... Weird.

Anyway, my random ass stuff is going away now... blah
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