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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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SGA - John/Rodney Love

Fic Finders/Recs

Okay, so I'm a frequent member of del.icio.us, in fact I get 98.9% of my fic from there, so it occurred to me to post some good linkage. I know a lot of people aren't a fan of the site, but most are...

Anyway, People who do like del.icio.us, If you like SPN or SGA I have some people for you to check out. If I'm looking for fic I usually will stop by ifyouweremine's compendium located here A treasure trove of over 4500 links. Or perhaps I will cruise on over to Treatuslikegold's batch of recs. You can find great stuff here, including stories divided by sexual kink and story detail.

A couple other good people to check out are Chasethecat and Adelate.

Five Ways Dean Knows Sam Missed Him (Sam/Dean) - Hot and lovely this is a great five things fic with a personal favorite line. Post 4x01.

The Benefits of Exercise (John/Ronon) - This is so fucking hot. Guh. It's pwp dub!con(if you chose to look at it that way) and it's smoking.

Check One (John/Rodney) - This is adorably cute schmoopy fic. Lovely little proposal from John, he gives Rodney a note.

Cartography of Touch (John/Rodney preslash) - This is heartbreaking and sad. It's the aftermath of Non-con.

History of Maps (John/Rodney) - This is a sequel to Cartography of Touch and it's quite lovely.

Out of Bounds (John/Rodney) - I love this fic. It's a WIP that is regularly updated and it's Olympics AU. Winter Olympics. John is a figure skater and Rodney is his coach. Read this ASAP, but make sure you have a couple of free days. (It's super long and super addictive.)

That's all for now, but I have more recs here @ my del.icio.us.