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Supernatural 4x02


Okay, so I usually have trouble seeing sexual tension between dudes on screen, but FUCK. That was seriously intense. Dean/Castiel is the hottest thing since wincest. Seriously, I want more Dean/Castiel fic like now.

I can't talk enough about this, I mean just !!!!! Castiel trying to get Dean to respect him. HOT! Telling Dean he's a soldier, HOT! Getting all up in Dean's grill and being like an eyelash's width away and intimidating him. HOT AS FUCK!

The overall ep was decent, I liked the chick hunter from the beginning, and Nicki did great, her acting job when she was talking about her sister was great because it was a completely different character from demon!Meg. She's a great actress and I think I like her as evil!notevil!meg.

Bobby *IS* seriously AWESOME!

I can't wait to read the bible lore info everyone's gonna dig up from this ep. :D

I'm also officially calling it. The last seal breaks and Sam unlocks Lucifer from within. I man come on, when he shot Meg in the face, totally him losing the first battle of good vs. evil.

I'm also calling it that Dean is the only thing standing in the way between Sam and the last seal.

Ruby's reaction to the angel was interesting, I'm wondering if it's still lillith!ruby... Hmmm.

Ooooohhh gosh, this was a great transition episode. The MotW was a little week, but the arc was great!

Oh man! It's gonna be a gooooooood season. Apocalypse! Yay!

OH! I LOVE THIS SHOW! Next week is time travel! I forgot to mention the pie as well! Pie!!! Bobby being like taken by those twins! I like almost freaked out because I thought Bobby might be dead when the boys came to the house. Bobby can't die! EVER! Bobby is IMMORTAL!

P.P.S: I LOVE MY SHOW!!!!!!!
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