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So my roommate Amber is leaving. It's really really sucky. Like really sucky. She's a lot like me and she's going through the same sorts of things that I went through.

She's leaving school and I hate that. I hate that I understand why she's leaving so much. She's going home because it's what she wants and I understand that but it really upsets me.

Yesterday her mom called, she had sent Amber had sent her a letter breaking the news to her and her mom finally got it. We had all been sort of waiting to see what would happen when Amber's parents found out, and she basically got their, not approval, but acceptance that she could come home. It was sort of like it was deemed official.

We went out on a field trip, we went to CVS and then walked down to Point State Park and sat by the fountain for a while. I will miss her so much.

Today I walked into her room and everything had been taken down off her walls and it was physically painful for me to see. A few minutes ago she gave me this drawing she had done of some themed muffins that were supposed to represent Emily, Amber, and me. There's a muffin with a braid(Amber), a muffin with a top hat(Emily), and a muffin with these cute little eyes and freckles, the Jensen Muffin.

I hate that she gave it to me, but I understand it.

I'm so sad that she is going. I can't imagine living in this apartment without her. Emily will still be here but it's not the same. I connect with Emily, but Amber is exactly like me. She's a different side of the same coin.

I think that's why it's so hard for me, I *know* that she has to do this but I don't want her to. She is in the same spot as me when I left to go home from Wright State, so I understand her decision, but I hate it.

I don't know what else to say. I'm sad. My eyes feel hollow and my emotions feel all but gone.
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