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Can't I get a coffee drip?

It's too fucking early. Gnah!

Weird dreams last night. Dreamed I found a bunch of money in one of my roommates books, also I dunno, some other stuff that I can't really remember.

I have class today and then a break and then class later. I don't have my homework for my evening class done, I kind of freaked out the last three or four days and I'm like a hitting a wall as far as school and stuff goes. I really really want to just like have a long while off to asses my priorities and what not, but I know that what I want will be this. There's really no point in me taking a break or whatever, because I know that I'll always choose getting my degree (THREE QUARTERS LEFT OMG?!) over not getting it or postponing it. I dunno.

I'm so stressed and crazy and I'm like freaking out about everything and I'm finding it hard to just be there in my own mind alone without thinking about what I'm doind. Blah.

I've started taking my medicine again. Yeah. I KNOW that the medicine is not a solution, it won't help me work through the problems I'm having, it's not just a fucking chemical imbalance anymore, I know what's wrong, I just have to figure out how to fix it.

But, well I don't really have time to fix it just now, so I'll slap a bandaid over the injury and move on till I have time...

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