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So I have this theory.

I'm kind of thinking that throughout our lives we learn things and come to understand the world. Well what if we all learn the same thing or things, just in our own time.

We were in my psych class watching the movie Waking Life - it's all about existentialism, and one of the guys on there posed the question/talked about this guy who believed that time didn't exist. That time was just this veil to mask reality and the fact that we were all just living in one moment. Ignoring the fact that it sounds absurd and it's highly theoretical, What if life is only one moment? The guy also thought/said that he believed that for that one moment God was asking a question, do you want to come to heaven? Do you want to move on? And the reason we live in this one moment forever is because we are all saying no, we are all just pushing off the reality of saying yes. Everyone dies in the end... everyone answers yes.

(Note: What if reincarnation is the act of still saying no?)

So what if reality is just us saying no and in order to say yes, we have to learn why or how to say it? What if life is all just us trying to come to terms with accepting death - accepting our inevitability.

What if everyone gives in in the end, and depending on who you are and what you believe at your core of being, you take a different amount of time to die because you're soul has to say yes and give in to the question - You could be an unborn child, barely able to think, or a 104 year old woman, who is the kindest most open minded person, but the stubbornest as well.

Maybe that's why we can't wrap our brains around the existence of the universe, because it doesn't really exist... It's all just a staging ground for this one question and the real world is there, waiting for us to wake up.

Think about it, do any of you feel it? Do you feel those things that you want to do more than anything in the world? At your core of being you have ideas and wishes of what you want to do or be, maybe that's why you're still here. Maybe all of reality is us clinging to the idea that we are original and that we have a choice and so we stick around to love, or to conquer, or to pass on our wisdom, and that is why we are perpetually saying no to this question, because we didn't like the idea of not being us so we cling to what we want out of this small existence and in the end we get it and accept life happily or we don't get it and we give up and give, surrender to the fact that we don't have a choice.

What if we ARE all being asked this questions and the rest of our lives are meaningless, what if none of it matters except this perpetual question?
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