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SGA Ep: The Shrine

The Shrine was AMAZING. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!! I LOVED IT. It was basically this fic in gen made-for-tv version format. I means seriously. This ep was AMAZING. David's performance was amazingly beautiful. I love how he switched from Rodney to McKay during the cave scene in an instant and how angry he was that they brought him back. I could really get on board with that because it occurred to me that most people who go there are old, so they would have had 50 or 60 years and they new that their time was near it's end, so they would understand that the shrine of talus was a gift.

I almost burst out crying when I saw the beginning of the ep with the tape. HOMG so sad.

I don't get the sci-fi channel so I looked up the ep preview/synopsis thing online and I was freaking out that they might be killing Rodney off so I looked up IMDB to see if he was in any future eps and I was relieved to find out he was, so I new he wasn't going to die, and that was the only thing that kept me from crying during all of these scenes.

The scene on the pier/in John's room was awesome. I love that there was absolutely no embarrassment or awkwardness on John's part. I think that Joe did an amazing job when they were on the pier and the amount of emotion I saw him bring out was awesome. It really confirmed for me that he is choosing to play John Sheppard as a guy who keeps his emotions close to the chest as opposed to the fact that he doesn't put anything into John's character/he can't act.
(p.s I love that he had a mini-fridge full of stuff)
Oh! And the scene when they're telling Rodney about the shrine of Talus, John almost loses it and I love that you can see that. I love how his mask is so thin there.

Jewel did a great job in the episode, but I'm kind of annoyed with Jennifer. I felt like she was being selfish when she wanted to keep Rodney from the shrine. I know she didn't want to give up or let him go, but there were a whole 'nother slew of people that needed to be considered.

Now I'm probably just being a slasher, but I didn't like the whole 'I love you' thing. I think that was kind of stupid. It was like this amazing great episode but then the writer's had to go throw in this stupid unbelievable(in the actual sense of the word) scene. I can see Rodney caring deeply for her, but LOVE?! I mean seriously. I would have said that Rodney cares more about RONON that Keller, based on how 'close' or 'interactive' the two characters are it doesn't make any sense. You can't just have a character hang out with another one a couple of times, mostly platonic times, work with them, and then say Whoop this one loves this one. I mean I could have believed the love thing if they had showed Rodney realizing how much he cared for her, or them interacting more, but I didn't see nearly enough to be believable.

But anyway, I'm not really opposed to Rodney/Jennifer, but the way it was handled wasn't good. It's almost like the epilogue to Harry Potter, it seemed almost thrown in, kind of like trying to get the last word in on how to interpret a story, and that is not cool with me. The greatest thing about these fandoms is that you can take something that, if you squint, could be there, and you make it happen. If I squint I can see Lorne/Rodney more than I can see Jennifer/Rodney. But that's probably just because I'm harder on girl characters than guys, but you get the point-I'm not on boar with Jennifer/Rodney...yet.

Anyway, this episode was amazing. Most everything was written amazingly. I think the way the writers handled the situation was great. They had an almost perfect balance of back story, current story, arc, and emotion. The character development/exposition was amazing. Just learning the little things, like about Woolsey and Ronon was a great addition to an otherwise really good episode. It's little things like that that make the epsiode amazing as opposed to good. It was exteremly well rounded.

This is definitely one of my favorite episodes, I love that in this scary world/hard business of fighting and making their way in a new galaxy, that these characters can still develop emotions and loyalties that they can express. I love that there are these deep emotions, despite this being a 'work' environment if you will. Now I know that a lot of that is due to the fact that when the characters started on the show they HAD to band together and make their own fun and make their own way, but I love that they are still so 'teamy,' I bet you anything there has been at least a hundred or more people if not added, then integrated and removed from Atlantis. I love that with the exception of Keller the team is pretty much still all about the team. You don't have a ton of new characters coming in and forming external relationships with specific members. This is most likely due to budget and crap, but you get my point.

I don't know, I'm kind of rambling at this point, but the point is that I love this show, loved this episode and I think it is amazing and just... amazing.
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