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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Buffy - Spike Cheeky

ROTF! Stupidness is great

Conversation between the roommate and her boyfriend:

BF: Where's Indianapolis?

At this point I laugh out really loudly because I thought he was joking. (They don't know I'm listening in to their conversation because I'm on my computer.)

Roommate: (Makes the 'I don't know' sound)
BF: Maryland? I think it's in Maryland.

Pause in which I think that my roommate and her BF are the stupidest people ever.

BF: Indiana? Maybe Indiana.


hah, that's funny. You'd be surprised how little people know of their own country.

But aside from that, I have a question to ask you. You made a Supernatural layout a while ago and I loved it immediately. But unfortunately, the link is dead, so I can't download the codes. Um...do you still have it? If so, I'd love to have it as my layout. The current one I have is too dark for my taste...

Thanks in advance and good luck in teaching other people that their hometown is situated in... no...that's Kenya, the US is right here, on this side of the map. ;)
I still have it and I can send it to you, which layout was it specifically?
hmm, well. its def not in maryland. aaaaand your roomie is a dum-dum! wooo!
oh dang, not in maryland?!
i thought it was just down the street from my house...[reppin' MD here lol]
haha MD loooooove
Lol yeah...