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So okay. So I went to the elevator to go downstairs to get my mail, and while I was waiting for it I happened to glance at the R.A.s bulletin board. Guess what I see? All these pictures of people with Sampson Hall stickers (My dorm name is not sampson hall, I just changed it for certain reasons) all over their faces. So then I see that there is a big caption,

'I found you on facebook!' And then there are some warnings about how anyone can access your information and your profile and how you should be careful with who you friend and talk to and crap and how stuff is perfectly legal.

And so I was like, hmmm, so then just before I got on the elevator what do I see? My picture with a sampson hall sticker over my face. YEAH! With her magical R.A. powers she found people who live on their floor, took their profile pictures and plastered them all over her bulletin board.

WHAT THE FUCK?! I mean, basically she took advantage of me because she's an R.A. and she knows my full name.

I know that I'm kind of irrationally angry about it, but I can't get over it. I don't fuck around with internet sites. The ONLY reason my full name was on my facebook was because I joined back in the day when you had to use your full name, your school email, and it was a really fucking secure site.

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